Well-Being with a Purpose

Posted by Linde Sifuentes @sifuenteslinde, Aug 7, 2018

What it is:
Well-Being with a Purpose is a Mayo Clinic, enterprise-wide, four-week physical activity challenge designed to bring employees together in a team format for the greater good of our patients by funding the advancement of our practice and research through a generous donation from Because of You and grateful patient benefactors who are donating $15,000 to match our minutes of physical activity.

Dates of the Challenge:
August 20 – September 16
• Registration is open! Get Registered: http://bit.ly/WBPurpose
• Individuals can start tracking their physical activity on Monday, August 20.

How it works:
1. Read the team descriptions on the Well-Being with a Purpose website.
2. Select the fund that you would like to move for based on the description that resonates with you most. The option you choose will team you up with other Mayo Clinic employees that selected the same fund. The three funds you can choose from are the Mayo Clinic Hope Fund, Neurosciences (Team Chris), and Cancer (Team Joel). Descriptions for each fund can be found on the flyer.
3. Get active! The goal is to achieve 30 minutes of physical activity as many days throughout the four-week challenge as possible. The funds will be given to your team based on the number of days your team exercised during the challenge: 1st place = $7,500, 2nd place = $5,000 and 3rd place = $2,500.
4. Track the days you engage in 30 minutes or more of exercise using the Well-Being with a Purpose Tracker. Your team will receive 1 point for each day of exercise you submit. You have the ability to go back and enter your results anytime throughout the challenge, but we suggest that results be entered weekly.
5. During the challenge, encourage your teammates using #WeAreMayoClinic to update and encourage each other on your progress. Being socially connected benefits you well-being too!

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