Well-Being with a Purpose Challenge

Posted by shannakeck @shannakeck, Aug 6, 2019

Who is participating in this challenge? What team did you pick? I picked Team Tanis. Cancer has affected my life in several ways. I lost my step-father when I was 15 due to lung cancer and myasthenia gravis. My great grandmother died from lymphoma. One of my best friends died from breast cancer which then invaded most of her body. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently in remission. She just retired from Mayo Clinic after 37 years. I am going to do this for them. I am going to do this me. I have been working out for almost a year now, but this motivation is what I really need to step up my game and lose this weight I've been carrying around for years now. Why are you doing this? Why did you choose not to? It's not too late to start! I already got my first workout of the week in last night and I feel great! I can't wait to go again tomorrow! I hope you use this great challenge as your motivator as well! Good luck!!

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I am also Team Tanis. Best of luck, @shannakeck

For those unaware of this challenge, here is a link to another group on #WeAreMayoClinic where more information is being shared. 🙂


I don't even remember what Team I picked, my family has been affected by both sides, so to me it didn't matter, what did matter was me getting in and helping. Being the best me I can and trying to encourage others at the same time. I got my entire family, my kids and I, to hit the gym for an hour and then a swim after, our goal was to goal five time this week, and we made it. I am also encouraging them to help out others in our neighborhood, which we all have done to help ease others burdens. It gives me pride in everything we do, and I know that without these little challenges that Mayo gives I don't know if I would stop and think about stepping out of my comfort zone. Thank you and good luck and health to all!


I am Team Tanis. There is a lot of cancer history in my family. @nickeylynnr I also love these challenges that get me out of my comfort zone. I have encouraged my family to join in and it has been fun to find ways to help others together as well as get up and get moving. Good luck everyone!!

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