Where do I park?

Posted by emileeorf @emileeorf, May 7 12:10pm

Hello, I commute in from Owatonna. I'm trying to figure out where to park on my first day. I called, and they wanted me to use the IBM park and ride, but I also saw on a map I found the West employee parking lot. That seems a lot closer and more convenient for me. Does anyone know if we're allowed to park there, or if there are restrictions? Thanks in advance!

Where you are able to park is dependent on your position and work area. This is a question best answered by your supervisor. I work on Gonda 4 as an ACRC and I park in the West employee ramp by DAHLC if I am parking after 7:30, and if I am parking prior to 7:30, I will park in the East Employee lot. Good luck

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