Zero Emissions Day & Car Free Day

Posted by Ashlyn White @ashlynwhite, Sep 20, 2019

Did you know that our driving habits account for almost one-fifth of all US greenhouse gas emissions?

This weekend, honor both Zero Emissions Day (Saturday) and Car Free Day (Sunday) by committing to at least one emissions-reducing action, such as
• Walk or ride your bike to the store when you only need to pick up a couple of things. Not only will you reduce your emissions, but you will be inclined to buy less knowing you have to carry it all home!
• Choose not to drive one day each week. This could mean staying home on one of your days off or walking or biking to work.
• Plan your meals for the week and buy all the ingredients you need at once instead of going to the grocery store multiple times.
• Commute by bus at least weekly. Look at your schedule each week and identify at least one day where you could commute using public transit instead of your car.
• Organize an office carpool.

How you cut back on driving to reduce emissions? Let us know in the comments!

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