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Nov 12, 2018 | Marianne Goettig | @marianneg316


Beginning August 20, track the minutes you spend on aerobic, strength and stretching exercise beyond your everyday routine (i.e. activity done during the workday should not be included) for 4 weeks.

Use the Well-Being with a Purpose Tracker to log your Exercise Minutes

Each week you will be emailed a link to track the days you engage in 30 minutes or more of exercise. Your team will receive 1 point for each day of exercise submitted, and funds between $7,500 and $2,500 will be given to your team based on the number of days your team exercised during the four-week challenge.

You have the ability to go back and enter your results anytime throughout the challenge, but we suggest that results be entered weekly

Did You Know? Each and every employee at Mayo Clinic is working towards something, be it finding a cure for a disease or bettering ourselves to provide the best patient experience possible. Everyone should have a sense of purpose in the workplace. Without it, we lose our way and become demotivated and disengaged. Research shows that when people are contributing to a higher purpose, they are likely to have a healthier outlook on life and be more resilient to stress.

#WeAreMayoClinic Encourage your teammates using #WeAreMayoClinic, an online community where Mayo Clinic staff can connect with others who share common interests. Go to https://connect.employees.mayo.edu/ or type #WeAreMayoClinic into any web browser and follow the Employee Well-Being group to get connected TODAY! To learn more about philanthropy at Mayo Clinic visit the Because of You website.

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