Sexual Harassment - How Leaders Should Lead

Jan 9, 2018 | Cathy Fraser | @cathyfraser

In response to ongoing media coverage related to sexual harassment, we are reminding all staff and leaders about Mayo's core values.

  1. Our responsibility as leaders is to ensure a safe working environment for all of our staff, such that they can complete their professional duties without fear of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.
  2. If you hear about issues related to mutual respect or sexual harassment, please contact the Personnel Committee Chair or Secretary for guidance. It is important that we report all incidents and situations so we can understand Mayo Clinic’s overall status on this matter.
  3. We have strong policies and processes in place to address issues that arise. Please take the time to review these as it will likely address many questions on this topic. Equal Employment and Affirmative Action, Sexual and Other Harassment; Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy. The Corrective Action policy is another reference, though may not be applicable to all matters as many times a collegial conversation is appropriate. Corrective Action
  4. We desire a professional and safe environment. Professional and personal boundaries must be respected. Striking the balance of collegiality and professionalism is our responsibility as chairs and leaders. Attached is a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal that was published recently.
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