This Mayo Life: Boomerang Employees

Nov 6, 2018 | Dani Budahn | @daniv | Comments (1)

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Mayo Clinic is a unique place: the culture, the values, the people. "This Mayo Life" is a podcast that explores the experiences of Mayo Clinic staff as they navigate life personally and professionally. Individual experiences make each person unique, increase understanding of others, and ultimately contribute to finding connections, belonging and inclusion at work.

In this episode, you'll hear Emily Brigham (pictured on the right), a nurse practitioner, and Kristin Rahman (pictured on the left), a nurse, discuss their experiences of being "boomerang" employees. Both left Mayo and came back. There are many reasons for leaving an organization — to pursue an education, raise a family, experience different climates, explore a new career path, and many other dreams. Brigham moved across the country to pursue her dream of working and living in California, and Rahman focused on raising her family while pursuing a nursing degree.

Click here to listen to their journey.

Whether the time away was spent chasing a dream, furthering education or raising a family, many Mayo Clinic employees have had the pleasure of calling Mayo Clinic "home" more than once. If you know a boomerang employee, talk with them and learn about their experiences.

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