Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Employee Work Connect Program

Oct 22, 2018 | Stacy Kohlnhofer | @stacyl

When an employee sustains an injury or becomes ill, they may be unable to perform certain job duties or need time off from work.  The staff of the Work Connect Program will guide and assist Mayo Clinic Rochester employees and their supervisor through the leave process and eventual return to work.  The Work Connect Program is an integrated disability management program comprised of staff from the Claims, Return to Work, and Integrated Disability Coordinator sections in Recovery and Claims Services (RCS), the Nurse Case Managers in Occupational Health Services (OHS), and Human Resources.  The Work Connect Program is applicable to employees who sustain a work-related injury or illness and non-work related injuries and illness, including maternity and paternity leave requests.

The limited information available on #WeAreMayoClinic is available to employees who are not at work but need information on the steps to follow should they be injured or are ill and/or will have restrictions, ranging from being unable to work to being at work but having restrictions on the activity they can perform.

Employees who are at work with access to the Mayo intranet should view the Work Connect Program site for complete information.

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