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Best spots to see fall Colors around Rochester

Posted by @gajanan, Oct 13, 2017

I am new to the Rochester area. With fall season around, what are the best places to see fall colours in and around Rochester?


Treasure Ransom

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Posted by @transom, Oct 13, 2017

Great question, @gajanan. I love this beautiful time of year! @bjs03, what is the state park in your neck of the woods. I imagine that drive and the bluffs are absolutely gorgeous right now or will soon be!


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Posted by @bjs03, Oct 13, 2017

Whitewater State Park is starting to show some beautiful colors. This park is near Saint Charles or only 30 minutes SE of Rochester. It’s definitely worth the drive. Bring your hiking shoes too; they have great trails where you can see the colors from atop the bluffs.


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Posted by @astromme93, Oct 13, 2017

I recently subscribed to Minnesota DNR’s e-mail/texting list for best places to see fall colors week-by-week. If you visit their website, there is a color-coded map that shows every MN state park and how close they are to peak fall color. I’d recommend checking it out so you can better catch the beauty of fall in southern MN!

Wanda Roo

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Posted by @wandaroo, Oct 13, 2017

Red Wing, Lake City, Wabasha and all have nice shops and good places to eat too

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Posted by @bobbi_rasmussen, Oct 14, 2017

I completely agree! I grew up in Lake City and the Mississippi River valley is gorgeous in the fall!

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Posted by @mrstallpaul, Oct 16, 2017

Another vote for US HWY 61 – and be sure to stop at Pepin Heights in Lake City for a caramel apple!

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Amanda Holloway

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Posted by @amandab, Oct 15, 2017

I spent some time hiking at Oxbow Park this afternoon (located in Byron) and the colors were spectacular! I love Oxbow because it’s close to Rochester and there are miles of trails to explore.

Sunni Hemingsen

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Posted by @sunnih, Oct 26, 2017

And there’s the “zoo” there! 🙂

Sunni Hemingsen

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Posted by @sunnih, Oct 26, 2017

With the wind lately, the leaves may be gone … but Frontenac State Park, northeast of Rochester offers trails and a bluff overlooking the river (a good sledding hill in the winter too!), and Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, northwest of Rochester, has a trails and a small water fall (great in the spring/summer, the water is probably pretty low now).

Sheri Donaldson

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Posted by @sheridonaldson, Oct 27, 2017

I am relatively new to Rochester and just discovered Quarry Hill Nature Center, on the east side of Rochester…very peaceful and pretty!

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