BEST vacation EVER?

Posted by Natalie Reinardy @nreinardy, Jul 18, 2018

Hey travelers! Wondering what your BEST vacation EVER was?… I need some inspiration as I start to plan next year's travel budget!

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Puerto Vallarta was my perfect week out of the several trips I had but might just be because the weather was outstanding each and every day.


I would have to vote Atlantis Bahamas. It costs about 2 grand each person for a 1 week stay including flights. The water park is amazing and is fun for both the children that attend as well as the adults. The environment is gorgeous! the people are friendly. The water is warm.
Best vacation I have ever been on…I would share picture but on our last day, we fell off the jet ski and lost the camera with all our captured memories. I NEED to go back 🙂


This past summer, my girlfriend and I went to Spain for a few weeks. We booked it through Intrepid travel, which offered a group tour all over souther Spain. It was nice because unlike most tour groups, which can be rather large, we were only 10 people. Plus there was a mix of scheduled, pre-planned stuff, and plenty of free time to wander and do whatever you want. We went to Madrid, Grenada, Ronda, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona. We ended up taking a day trip to Tangier, Morocco as well, which was amazing.


I've been tons of places, but by far my favorites have been:
1. Island of Capri, Italy
2. Santorini
3. St. John
4. Guatemala
5. South Africa

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