Connecting with Co-Workers Across Sites or While Teleworking--Ideas

Posted by Anne Meyer @annemeyer, May 2, 2018

How do you stay connected with your co-workers when you do not see each other in the office? Examples include teleworkers, some shift workers, and those who work primarily with staff from other sites or regions.

Some groups say they find value in using Skype instant messaging throughout the day to keep in touch. What works for you?

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I love Skype for these types of interactions. Whether I want to simply message others, start an audio chat, or even a video chat to actually see them, I find this tool to be very beneficial.

While I use Skype for those things mentioned above, I also utilize email when I want to give people a chance to look something over or give them time to think about something. I am also one to just pick up the phone and call when appropriate.

I have a few colleagues from other locations that schedule virtual chats that allow us to check in with the other personally and professionally. We use Skype for that as well and I really value those sessions.

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