Posted by Carolyn Sullivan @sullivanc, Jul 10, 2017

Has anyone done the Catalina, Ensenada Carnival cruise? My family and I are taking the trip in Nov. and I wanted to learn more about the cruise.

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I have not been on that particular cruise @sullivanc. Have you been on a cruise before? While I can't provide information on Catalina, Ensenada, I have been on a few cruises and could provide some tips if needed. 🙂

Love cruising!


no first cruise any pointers are much appreciated.


Here are some tips we have learned in our few experiences with cruises, @sullivanc:
*Even though it seems like a lot up front, purchase the beverage plan. Not all cruise lines are the same, but some allow you to buy a refillable cup. Worth the investment if that is the case on your ship!
*There are hundreds of things to do on the ship. Once you get the itinerary for the next day (usually once your bed has been turned down and your towel animal is there to greet you), invest 15 minutes to look over the options so you don't find yourself missing something that was most important to you.
*Invest in an excursion. One of the things we kick ourselves about the most is not going on an excursion we were interested in due to the additional cost. We wish we would have gone because the experience others had on that particular nature walk was once in a lifetime (we probably won't go back to that particular area again so missed our opportunity).
*If you want to lay out by the pool, go early. The reclining deck chairs fill up fast.
*Most importantly, have fun!

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