Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Suzanne Caubet @slc19, May 5, 2017

Between Christmas, graduations and birthdays I am running out of gift ideas for all the men in my life, Other than big ticket items, any suggestions for gifts under $100?

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Not knowing the interests of the men in your life, I can't give specifics @slc19, but we have stopped doing gifts for the most part. In their place, we have started doing experiences and creating memories. The dollar amount can be anything from 0 to a lot. 🙂 This shift in thinking in our household took a lot of pressure off holidays/gift giving because we love doing things together and experiencing new things. A big win. Not sure if this helps, but good luck. 🙂


I love that idea Treasure. My husband and I stopped doing anniversary gifts about 5 years ago so we could spend the money on a shared experience together.

If I do want to do a gift I'm a big fan o the monthly clubs. My husband and father have both enjoyed receiving beer of the month club for 3 months. I purchased this through The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club: http://www.beermonthclub.com/

The site also does wine, cheese, chocolate, cigars, and flower clubs.


We're not much of a gift-giving family, though often when we do there's more of a humorous or inside-joke kind of theme. One example that might be applicable for the men in your life: our nephew is graduating. We'll give him money but wanted to include something personal. When we most recently saw him, he and my husband joked around about my nephew growing (or, trying to) a beard. So, we bought him one of those winter hats that has a knitted beard attached (it's removable, so the hat can be used separately), along with a beard balm and comb gift set. Had I planned farther ahead, I would've ordered him a personalized beard comb -- so many options on Etsy!

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