Jean Pool

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Freezer Casserole

Posted by @miatagirl, Thu, Jan 18 11:06pm

I’m in search of some new freezer casserole recipes. I like to take a meal to friends who have been ill. Unfortunately my repitoire of delicious recipes is running low. I hate to repeat the same meals for these individuals if I can avoid it. If you are willing to share some of your favorite recipes it would be much appreciated!!!


Treasure Ransom

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Posted by @transom, Fri, Jan 19 8:10am

I am following this post and hoping to get some new recipes too. Thanks, @miatagirl!


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Posted by @BethFlattum, Wed, Jan 31 9:05am

I’d also be interested in some freezer recipes…


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Posted by @mrsrn91011, Tue, Feb 6 12:36pm

Following this post as well – looking to make some freezer meals before going on maternity leave!

Jean Pool

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Posted by @miatagirl, Wed, Feb 7 9:11am

This little link was posted in the Freezer Meal discussion group. I tried the recipe and husband loved it. Freezes well.

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