I have a new driver - YIKES

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Sep 18, 2018

My oldest just got his driver's license yesterday and I am freaking out a bit (this may be an understatement).

Any tips on how to:
*Set and keep boundaries
*Set rewards/consequences
*Respect his desires, even though I want to keep him in a bubble
*Not lose my mind with worry

I think you can see where I am going with this. HELP! 🙂

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I just joined the group and see this was posted a while ago. How did it go? My oldest will be getting his licence in the spring and my anxiety is starting to get really high about it. I was so happy for him to have his permit, but the idea of him out there alone is almost too much!


Thanks for asking, @kcsaari

It has gone really well, although now that snow is flying in Minnesota, a whole new level of anxiety set in. We have talked to him a lot this week about going slow. We have to hope he understands what slow really means in these conditions. Yesterday, I almost ran into the person in front of me because I couldn't stop and I was going probably about 5 MPH. It gave me a perfect opportunity to share with him that even seasoned drivers need to make adjustments and since he ISN'T seasoned, he really needs to proceed with caution!

We have found that being able to drive means A LOT to him, so it has become a perfect piece of leverage to use. When X, Y, and Z are taken care of, you can most certainly drive the car to school, etc.

Good luck!

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