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Instant Pot

Posted by @carolbee, Nov 16, 2017

Does anyone have an instant pot? Comments/thoughts on how it works. What do you use it for? Does it have enough value to you that it can take up counter space?



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Posted by @tiguer, Nov 16, 2017

I own two instant pots – a 6 Quart Duo and I just bought my pot a baby brother, the 3 Quart Duo Mini. I love them both. It is totally worth the counter space. There is a learning curve and I recommend joining some facebook groups (Instant Pot Community is a great one) to learn how to use it.

Things I make in it – white rice, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, soups/chilis, hard boiled eggs, cheesecake, lava cake, corn bread, meat loaf, potato salad, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, all kinds of chicken, ribs, turkey breast, yogurt, dry beans, spaghetti, homemade vanilla extract, taco pie. There is probably a lot more that I’m leaving out. Just about any crockpot recipe can be converted and cook in less time (and not be dried out). You can brown a full pound of hamburger from frozen.

I use my instant pot almost every day. I strongly recommend the Instant Pot over other brands of electric pressure cookers because it is easier to find accessories and parts, there are far more recipes and instructions written with the Instant Pot in mind and you have the benefit of the stainless steel inner pot, as opposed to the chemical coated non stick pots with other brands. I also recommend ordering a set of extra sealing rings – and mark one to be used only with sweet items. The silicon rings absorb the odors of what you cook and that can cross over when you cook something sweet. (cheesecake with a hint of BBQ Ribs is not a cook combination!) So, I just keep a separate ring that I use on the lid when I make sweet stuff.

I think you asked about air fryers yesterday – I would buy multiple instant pots before I ever bought another air fryer. Our 6 quart is the perfect size for a family of four – we usually have plenty for everyone and enough for my husband and I to pack a lunch for the next day. (Some recipes can really feed a crowd tho!). There are 3 versions now, all available in different sizes – the Lux (fewer features, no yogurt function), the Duo (7 pre-set functions including Yogurt) and the Ultra (10 preset functions including yogurt). There is a version with Bluetooth also. I haven’t found a need for it. I find the Duo to be a nice compromise and is the most popular. I mostly cook on manual and don’t use the functions, except I use that Yogurt function all the time!

There are supposed to be some great black Friday deals on them – I haven’t seen prices yet. (I heard a rumor about one at Walmart for $49???) The 3 quart mini is normally about $69 and I picked it up at Target over the weekend for $53.


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Posted by @danleedrenth, Nov 16, 2017

I agree with everything that @tiguer mentioned above. I have been using my instant pot for a year and love it. almost don’t even use my crockpot at all. it is great for frozen foods as I do a lot of freezer meals and it also has a timer so you can set things in the morning to have it ready when you get home in the evening. i am super busy every evening with kids activities etc. so this is a HUGE time saver for us.


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Posted by @judyinfla, Nov 17, 2017

Glad to see the positive comments on the instant pot, I too just purchased one and have yet to use it, a little intimidated. I will try my first dish this weekend.


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Posted by @tiguer, Nov 17, 2017

No need to be intimidated by it! Start with the basics – do a water test first and then do hardboiled eggs (put a few eggs in on the trivet, add 1 cup water, 5 mins high pressure, 5 minutes natural pressure release, 5 minutes ice bath). Get a few easy wins under your belt before you go for a meal. There will be a few failures with meals and recipes too – don’t let it discourage you.

Kate Palmer

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Posted by @hrtkate, Thu, Jan 18 4:55pm

I need advice on what to buy – I started to research and didn’t realize how much was out there for consideration! Family of 4 – 2 of whom are teen boys. #alladvicewelcome

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