Ken Burns Documentary - The Mayo Clinic: Faith, Hope, Science

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Oct 1, 2018

I am still thinking about the amazing documentary by Ken Burns titled The Mayo Clinic: Faith Hope, Science. His team's portrayal of Mayo gave me such pride in working here.

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Hit the comments. Share how you felt as you learned more about the history and care that takes place here. What stood out to you? What surprised you? I just want to talk about this documentary. Join me. 🙂

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What the Mayo family has done and instilled in the culture of this organization is so amazing. The film boldly shared how the doctors were honored by so many presidents, other medical institutions, and the community which led to the success and Mayo Clinic being world reknown. The "giving" of themselves, their knowledge, seeking to learn and be better in their practice and as humans makes me so proud to be a part of it all. I believe we continue to attract employees who have the deepest sense of caring and compassion to carry out "The Patient Comes First." I highly recommend viewing this to all.

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