Sunni Hemingsen

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Mexican restaurants in Rochester area?

Posted by @sunnih, Mar 1, 2017

Any recommendations for Mexican restaurants in Rochester or the surrounding area, such as for an evening out w/adults? We like Hefe Rojo. Are there others with a similar atmosphere?



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Posted by @cathyfraser, Mar 1, 2017

We are a fan of a place at Miracle Mile – Plaza Morena Campestre Grill… The Ole Flaming Cheese is fun – they put it on fire for you at your table. Also try the Molcajet a soup/stew that comes in a clay animal bowl…


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Posted by @rebeccabuss79, May 15, 2017

For authentic Mexican atmosphere and food, try El Carambas. It is family friendly. Expect to be seated in a cozy environment!

Sunni Hemingsen

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Posted by @sunnih, May 15, 2017

Thank you!

Wanda Roo

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Posted by @wandaroo, Oct 13, 2017



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Posted by @tracil, Oct 11, 2017

For real and authentic Mexican food my family will only go to La Poblana’s (by HyVee Barlows) or Taqueria El Sueno (by Northgate Health Club). Both have very good food and atmosphere.


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Posted by @snehring, Oct 12, 2017

La Poblanas is our favorite as well. Their guacamole tostadas are so yummy.


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Posted by @kgammell, Oct 13, 2017

My whole family is a fan of Fiesta Mexicana Cafe & Bar. I believe they make their own chips and everything. Atmosphere is nice and cozy and the food is very good.


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Posted by @noelleshorselady, Oct 13, 2017

El Carambas is definitely the best I’ve had in this town. And this is coming from someone who’s dad is from Mexico & knows what real Mexican food tastes like. I know the owner & he’s such a good guy. Great food, great people, great place.

Michael Nassif

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Posted by @mrk5161, Oct 13, 2017

A short drive from Rochester is Owatonna MN. The very best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever eaten at is there. Its called Grace’s Mexican & American Food.1170 N County Road 45 Owatonna, MN 55060
(507) 451-1908 Call first, they have some strange hours. But this is definately the best Mexican and Mexican/American food I’ve ever had! The Cindi Nacho’s are famous if you’ve EVER been to the Steele County Fair. They have a chili cheese burrito and a bacon cheeseburger chimi, both to DIE for!
They only take cash, no cards! Very Small place too!

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Posted by @bobkirchner, Wed, Feb 14 7:33am

I agree that Grace’s is one of the best for Mexican food. It has been a long held secret among Owatonnan’s.

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