Mexican restaurants in Rochester area?

Posted by Sunni Hemingsen @sunnihemingsen, Mar 1, 2017

Any recommendations for Mexican restaurants in Rochester or the surrounding area, such as for an evening out w/adults? We like Hefe Rojo. Are there others with a similar atmosphere?

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In Rochester I'm a fan of Dos Amigos. Cheap drinks and good food. La Poblana's is also not bad. I think some of the best Mexican food I've had in the Midwest was actually in Waseca, MN (about an hour from Rochester) at Mis Tres Flores.


I highly recommend Los Arcos located by the Rochester Airport! Amazing everything, drinks and food!
Huge portions and great reviews!!


El Carambas is really good as well. It is authentic.


Los Jarritos by Fresh Thyme is very good! And you get a lot of food. I had enough for two meals.

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