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Posted by sn01367 @sn01367, Jan 30, 2020

Does anyone know of lactation rooms or have a website I can use to find out more info?

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the Employees and Learners Lactating group.

Yes! Here is a new Employee/Learner Lactation website for all sites: https://connect.employees.mayo.edu/page/employee-lactation/

To find it through #wearemayoclinic platform, go to Learn tab and scroll down to Employee/Learner Lactation.


The FRESH MERG in Florida can be very helpful too. This is an employee resource group designed to be supportive of parents, especially of young children. There is a lactation subcommittee that can pair you with a buddy that has some experience with lactation while here.


Thanks @bethladlie I hadn't seen the bosom buddies resource, yet. What a wonderful program!

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