Pet sitting/house sitting/Child care

Posted by Sarah Kiehl @kiehlsa, Jun 21, 2019

My name is Sarah. I am 23 years old and I welcome opportunities to make a bit of side cash through pet sitting/house sitting/child care. I have references for all of these that I can provide if you are interested. I have been doing these for about a year as opportunities arise. If you need someone to watch your furry friend, care for your child for date night, or watch your house while you are away, please contact me via private message and we can set up a time to meet and see if I am a good fit for your needs!

Thank you for considering!

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@kiehlsa, your personal information was removed from this post since #WeAreMayoClinic is a public forum. We recommend sharing personal contact information using the secure private message function. Thank you!


@kiehlsa, your comment with phone number has been removed. We prefer you not providing phone numbers or email addresses in this public forum. If people want to reach out to you for these services, they can private message you and at that point, and via that functionality, you can choose to give them your phone number or email address privately at that time. Thank you!


Hi ! Are you still interested in babysitting ? Are you in Jacksonville?


Sarah, are you in the Rochester area?


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