Punta Cana

Posted by Natalie Reinardy @nreinardy, May 17, 2018

Hi everybody – We went to Punta Cana, DR in March and I thought I would share a quick review of what we enjoyed most for those of you considering this beautiful tropical location! I invite others to add their experiences, as well.

(1) We stayed at the Hard Rock Resort all inclusive, which is fabulous. Tons of pools, activities, restaurants, and – generally – just lots of things to do!
(2) Our favorite days were when we went off the resort. Our first adventure was to Santo Domingo (the capital of the Dominican Republic). This was SUPER. There is so much history in this city, being one of the oldest cities in the Americas. Another day we went to a nearby public beach, Macao Beach. There, we were really able to experience the perfect ocean and coastline views.
(3) We did an excursion from our resort where we rented a Polaris Slingshot (think bat mobile) and drove around in a group with other people from the same resort. We stopped to see various different things around Punta Cana, but the ride was the best!

In summary, this was a great trip. Punta Cana doesn't have too much of a downtown. So, if you enjoy staying on the resort or if you are willing to travel around the island to seek out an adventure, then this is perfect for you!

I hope this helps if there's anyone out there looking to make a decision on Punta Cana. Feel free to ask questions, etc. Thanks and happy travels!

This looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing. This has been added to my ever growing must do travel list.

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