Showing Appreciation and Recognition- Examples and Ideas

Posted by Gretl Kruse @gretlcain, Apr 30, 2018

What are some creative, low-cost ways you have shown appreciation to your team members? I received this awesome token of recognition from my supervisor a few months back. It made me feel appreciated and connected to my team and the work we do.

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Nice! That's a great example, Gretl! I look forward to hearing from others as well.

Treats go over well for in-person teams, or can be mailed/shipped to virtual teams.

Two colleagues once gave me a card and humorous magnet as a thank you for a project I resolved.

I've had leaders who've sent handwritten notes, which is always thoughtful and inexpensive. Mayo also has eCards available through its internal recognition program.

Another project leader paid close attention to team members' interests mentioned during meetings, and — after a long and time consuming project — sent us each a paperback book based on something we had mentioned. This level of personalization was so meaningful.


I love this topic! While it is rewarding, it can be difficult, so I appreciate you asking the question. I hope to learn more about what others are doing and incorporate that into my practices.

I have been fortunate to give and receive Above and Beyond awards. I even won a prize once because of it and was thrilled to hear that one of the people I nominated also won a prize. 🙂

As the project manager for a big project in our area, I was surprised during a virtual meeting to be presented with numerous project management related gifts. It was thoughtful and it brought tears to my eyes that people collectively celebrated what I brought to the table.

In the same project, I had a number of leads that I relied heavily on. As we were closing the project, I created a Wordle of all of the names of the leads, the key goals, outcomes, etc of the project. I had them printed and framed and gave to each lead. It was something to remember the work by and to show appreciation for their individual and collective efforts.


I LOVE these gratitude cards that were made a couple years back. You can order them in bulk for your work unit too! Here's one example…you can even send intra-clinic!


These cards are a hit! You can order these cards through Lawson with this MC # MC6021-254

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