Thankfulness Journal - What are you thankful for?

Posted by Barb Rechtzigel @BRechtzigel, Nov 16, 2017

As we are a week out from Thanksgiving, I want to hear what people are thankful for at this moment in time in your life.

I'll share what I am thankful for. In addition to working at Mayo Clinic, I also moonlight as a farmer's wife, which means I'm often "gifted" with farm duties to perform. Tuesday night found me in a Allis tractor pulling a hopper cart full of corn along a steep, windy, narrow path through the woods from the isolated field my husband was combining up to the road to fill the gravity wagons to take to town. Halfway up the hill, my darling tractor killed, sending me on a backward slide down the hill, in the dark, with a cart full of corn and a steep drop on one side to try to avoid. By some gift from God, I was able to stop the slide, restart the tractor, and gun it up the rest of the hill for all it was worth to finish my task. My thankfulness is for the fortuitous outcome of that situation (and also that no one could hear my "commentary" during the event!). I REALLY wish I could be thankful for a successful end to harvest, but that day hasn't come yet.

What are you thankful for?

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I love this post. There is so much to be thankful for but most of all i am thankful for my husband and my boys. They are what brings me the most joy. I am also thankful for health and Mayo. I almost lost my oldest son 3 years ago but thankful to the Mayo ED team for being so amazing and bringing him back to me. I will forever be grateful for Mayo and the people who save people everyday. I am forever indebted.


I have made it a practice the last couple of months to journal. At the end of each entry I write 3 gratitude statements. Those statements each day have allowed me to focus on the day to day things I'm grateful for. While the statements vary, two things that continue to be prevalent are my gratitude for my family and doing work I am passionate about. I am blessed every day by my husband, two sons, parents and in-laws. I am thankful for the positive impact they have on my life. To be able to go to a job I love and with an employer I admire is also such a blessing. I work with great people and feel so fortunate to have passion for the work being done.

Thanks, @BRechtzigel for asking this important question. We can't take a day for granted and sharing what we are thankful for helps us remember that important fact.


Thankful for big and little things! Big, the fact I’m alive in wonderful and complicated world (and little, the vending machine takes Apple Pay!). Big, I have a loving and healthy family (and little, the cat ran down the driveway to meet me when I got home). Big, I get to work at a place that is the very place place for patients (and little, the really cold weather hasn’t hit yet!)

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