This Mayo Life: Careers of Doug and Nora Holtan

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Aug 21, 2018

Mayo Clinic is a unique place: the culture, the values, the people. A new podcast, "This Mayo Life" explores the experiences of our staff as they navigate life, both personally and professionally. In this first episode, you’ll hear from Doug Holtan, chair of Facilities and Support Services and his daughter, Nora, who is an intern at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. Both are at different points in their career, and we hope you enjoy their conversation.

Once you have listened, hit the Reply and tell us what your first job was here at Mayo, and where you are now and/or hope to be in the future!

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I started out as a computer instructor at Mayo 16 years ago. After I was allowed to do stretch assignments within my area, I began doing more project management within my area. I am now a certified project manager (PMP) and am lucky to work as a PM on the Employee Experience team.

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