This Mayo Life: Celebrating Veterans

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Nov 12, 2018

In appreciation of all veterans, This Mayo Life brings focus to those at Mayo that have served. Specifically in this episode, you'll hear Peter Rhee, D.O., an orthopedic surgeon, and his wife Laura Rhee, D.O., a palliative medicine physician, discuss their experiences as a military family. Dr. Peter Rhee served in the U.S. Air Force, which included two deployments where he participated in multiple military exercises and provided patient care from the battlefield. He describes his spouse, Laura, as "the epitome of a military wife," noting her support for his role in the military, taking care of their children and many home emergencies during his deployment.

Listen to their journey as they reflect on their experiences:
Once you have listened, comment below and tell us about a special veteran in your life, or what Veteran's Day means to you.

Then, head on over to last week's post on two other veterans to celebrate –

I finally was able to take some time to listen to the Rhee's experience as a military family. What a wonderful story they have to share. I will aspire to do more for those in the military. Thanks!

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