This Mayo Life: Spirit of Caring

Posted by Dani Budahn @daniv, Sep 28, 2018

The Mayo Clinic Spirit of Caring Fund was established to help those experiencing financial emergencies and temporary hardships. In this episode of, This Mayo Life, Kristina, a CT scan technologist, talks with Tammy, an HR generalist, about the Mayo Clinic Spirit of Caring program. Kristina shares the unforeseen circumstances that led her to apply for funding, and Tammy shares her experience of delivering some much-needed good news to Kristina.

Listen to the podcast here:

Once you have listened, comment below and tell us what benefit of working at Mayo Clinic is the most important to you.

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There are so many benefits I appreciate as an employee of Mayo Clinic. The most important is probably the ability to take Paid Time Off. My family values the ability to be together. Our PTO program at Mayo allows us to get away on vacations, to spend time with extended family for the holidays, take a day here or there just to do something that is important to us, etc. I am thankful for the flexibility I experience, using my PTO as I see fit for me and my family.

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