Walking Wednesday Success Story

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Aug 24, 2018

We were thrilled to have a team share their success story for Walking Wednesdays in Rochester this summer! We are sharing in case this is helpful to champions as you consider options for your teams for like well-being initiatives.

The team’s approach to Walking Wednesdays:
"Two members of my team created a competitive approach to promote health. 12 Staff members signed up and were placed into 4 teams to see which team could walk the most steps on Walking Wednesdays for 5 weeks. The team awards and individual awards were given out yesterday:
*The Top Individual Stepper had 86,453 steps on 5 Wednesdays.
*The Top Team Steppers had a total of 212,684 steps on 5 Wednesdays.

Their activities included extra dog walking, mowing your lawn on Wednesdays, all meetings on Wednesdays were walking…

This activity demonstrated for team building, active collaboration, communication that otherwise wouldn’t occur, fun and laughs. I am very proud of our team’s active participation in this effort and the positive impact it has made on our team!"

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