Weekend back up childcare in FL

Posted by Charlsie @cblair0711, Aug 5, 2018

I am looking for a back up daycare or sitter in Jacksonville. My boyfriend is in the military and has to go out to sea sometimes and I would need childcare for our daughter on some Sundays when he is out. Does any one know if someone who baby sits or a service to go through.

Hi there! I run into the same problem too 🙂 I am new to Mayo Clinic in jax and the resources that I know are provided are from Bright Horizons child Care. They also can direct you to a Nanny service if you need It. 🙂


I found that Bright Horizons are hit or miss. My son had a mild illness last week and we put a request in on Bright Horizons (you can't cancel after 5pm and nobody answers the phone) and nobody showed up… The next day I arranged a nanny and once everything was arranged, they called and said that they found someone at 8pm, so I double booked nannies. My son is 2 years old and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a babysitting club a weekend a month or to help each other out, either hire a babysitter together or take turns to look after the kids? We are new to Fl too and we are constantly looking for childcare.

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