WELCOME to the EDM GROUP - If you are a lover of [...]

Posted by Karen Brownell @karenbrownell33, Mar 2, 2017

WELCOME to the EDM GROUP - If you are a lover of Electronic Dance Music, and believe in the Rave Motto, PLUR. This is the safe place for you to discuss EDM musical tastes, up coming DJ events, Music Festivals, etc...Lets Chat!

" I Rave to escape reality, the one place that no matter who I am or what style I have, I am accepted because colors only exist in the lights and the only fists we make are pumps. We don't yell at each other we yell with each other. Peace Love Unity Respect."

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@karenbrownell33 I love house and electronic dance music. Have you ever been to the Movement festival in Detroit? Arguably, Detroit (my hometown) is the place where house music originated. Movement happens every year around Memorial day it's a MUST experience for every EDM lover. I've only been in Rochester for a short while, is there anywhere that spins good house that you'd recommend?


@jingram1 Hello there! Glad to hear there are other followers of electronic dance music! I am originally from Toronto Ontario Canada and I am sure you have heard of many EDM artists who come from Canada. As for house music specifically, alas, here in Rochester Minnesota there isn't quite the following as us EDM lovers would hope for. If you are looking for House music you will need to travel up to Minneapolis or St. Paul to hear some good House music. If you have not all ready, subscribe to the Twin Cities Music scene where you can get up to date notifications of specific House artists whenever they come to Minneapolis! Myself, I am a HUGE Trance fan as well as Dubstep, Progressive House, Big Room, Chill Step, Trap and Drum and Bass.


Good morning EDM GROUP! Spring has sprung and Festival season is upon us! For all of you traveling to Miami this weekend for Ultra Music Festival, remember party responsibly, HYDRATE, look out for your fellow festival crew. In case you don't have the luxury of going to Miami in person this weekend, here is the live feed website where you can dance at home! The live feed starts Friday March 24, 2017, at 3pm. (youtube.com/umftv)


Hello EDM GROUP! Friday is almost here as well as the end of April! You know what that means. Kathy's Pub "Last Friday" EDM Dance party! Check it out this Friday April 29, 2017, from 9pm - 2am. Come on out and listen to the rhythm that moves your soul!


Good Monday morning EDM GROUP! With the memorial day long weekend fast approaching signifying the start of summer, many festivals and events are close at hand.

Kathy's Pub (in Rochester, Minnesota) last Friday EDM dance Party is this Friday May 26, 2017.

Flux Pavilion At The Myth Saint Paul, MN Saturday May 27, 2017.

EDC Las Vegas June 16 - June 18 North America's largest EDM Music Festival.

Arty At Rev Ultra Lounge Saturday June 17, 2017 731 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota

EF (Electric Forest) In Rothbury Michigan will be over two weekends this year, First weekend June 22 - June 25.
EF (Electric Forest) 2nd weeekend - June 29 - July 2.

Keep the music and the good vibes only alive. Stay safe, find a sober driver, be responsible, watch over your squad!


@bobbydavis, this discussion may be of interest to you since you mentioned your love of EDM. You may want to follow the thread. 🙂

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