Treasure Ransom

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Welcome to the Foodies Group - Introduce Yourself

Posted by @transom, Mar 1, 2017

Welcome to the Foodies group on Mayo Clinic Town Square.

This is a fun place where you can meet others who love all aspects of food. We can connect and share restaurant suggestions, recipes, food prep tips, and even encourage people to try new things. This is truly an open forum for all kinds of connections and conversations.

My name is Treasure Ransom. I wish I had spent more time in the kitchen growing up as my mom is a phenomenal cook. I do my best and am always looking for easy recipes for my family of four, things I can throw in the crockpot, or great places to go out to eat. I can’t wait to participate in conversations with you all!

Let’s chat. Why not start by introducing yourself here and by starting a new discussion specific to your food interests?


Deb A

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Posted by @debattinella, Mar 2, 2017

Hi, I’m Deb Attinella and I grew up in an Italian household where I was surrounded by good food – my grandmother made great homemade savory and sweet dishes. I love recreating some of these special recipes to keep her traditions alive. I also enjoy trying a variety of new recipes and have had a food blog for 6 years. If you are a guest at my place, I’m probably serving something I’ve just made for the first time! We frequently visit different restaurants in the Twin Cities area and when we travel, I research local places to eat at. I’m interested in connecting with people with restaurants suggestions (anywhere, any type) and must try recipes.

Jan Lieder

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Posted by @janetsli, Mar 3, 2017

I would LOVE to be part of a rotating vegetarian dinner group – 6-10 people who would be willing to share in the planning/preparing/serving of vegetarian meals. Rochester area. Let me know if you are interested! I’d be glad to host the first one.

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Erin Duncan

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Posted by @erinduncan, Mar 15, 2017

Hello! My name is Erin Duncan and I live in Jacksonville Beach Florida. I enjoy cooking and baking, try new foods, and find great little places to eat out. I love how food can quickly transport you to another time/place/memory.


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Posted by @stacieschmidt, Mar 29, 2017

Hi! I’m Stacie and live in La Crosse WI now (recently moved so I’m open to any good food suggestions!). I love cooking, experimenting, gardening to grow herbs and veggies to cook with, coming up with a menu at the farmer’s market of depending what’s in the CSA box…love it all. I’m addicted to cookbooks too, but always tweak the recipes. I recently started getting HelloFresh every now and then, so haven’t tried as many local restaurants lately. It’s been fun cooking again.

Jan Lieder

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Posted by @janetsli, Mar 29, 2017

Away at this time.  Please leave a message!

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