Well-Being Class: Work-Life Integration for Parents

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Feb 16, 2018

There is a class being offered that may be of interest to members of this discussion group: Work-Life Integration for Parents.

Here is the description: This 2-hour program explores parents’ strengths, helps identify support, and discover tools to navigate in and out of work. Tools will include reframing, support, strengths-finding, and time management.

If interested, go to My Learning to find dates/times it is offered. Search by this Course ID: 251101EMPL000118.

I am signed up for the March class and can't wait to get some tips!

I will be leading this course in March along with my producer, Tiffany Dudley. We both have 3 kids and work in prenatal and postnatal education and are "in it" striving to find the work-life integration best for each of us. Expect to hear some funny stories, engage in self-reflection and strengths-finding, and learn from one another. I am very excited to lead this in a few weeks!

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