Collaboration among multidisciplinary teams

May 18, 2018 | Treasure Ransom | @transom

CollaborationFrom upgrading technology and improving existing processes to finding and implementing life-saving discoveries and medical treatments, Mayo Clinic employees work together. On any given day, multidisciplinary teams collaborate to bring the best ideas and expertise to every situation. For example, while other healthcare companies have approached the implementation of a single electronic health record and revenue cycle management system as an “IT” project, Mayo Clinic aligned the project with its clinical priorities, pulling together a core team of more than 450 staff. Those who contribute to this effort tested workflows, created awareness, and made design changes to ensure a smooth transition for those who use or are affected by the technology, including thousands of staff and the 1.3 million patients we serve.

What multidisciplinary team are you striving to be a part of?

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