Employment jitters?

May 25, 2018 | Treasure Ransom | @transom

Are you nervous to start your new job? Have you started recently and still feel a bit out of sorts?

In many ways, starting a new job is similar to moving to a new city or starting at a new school. You may feel disoriented and nervous because you don’t know what to expect. Even with a map, you may feel lost. You’re curious about who you’ll meet today or tomorrow. Will you like your co-workers, is your boss as wonderful as he/she came across in the interview, will you be able to find your way around? With multiple buildings and campuses, you’ll get lost a time or two, but it won’t be long before you learn your way around and even feel confident giving a patient directions.

We are thrilled to have you here, with your unique personalities, skills, knowledge, and abilities. You will make us better and each of you is strategic to the success of Mayo Clinic.

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