Remembering the Franciscan Spirit: the Value of Teamwork

Jun 25, 2019 | Treasure Ransom | @transom | Comments (1)

The Mayo Clinic Values Council invites you to remember that the spiritual roots of our Mayo founders, Dr. W.W. Mayo and Mother Alfred Moes, OSF are as relevant and important as ever to the care our patients receive.  Today the Mayo/Franciscan Values thrive in an environment that recognizes that spirituality is an integral dimension of compassionate care and healing.

Teamwork: Value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration.



WW Mayo: “No one is big enough to be independent of others.”
~The Mayo Brothers Heritage


WW Mayo on his Quaker influence: “Decisions made in the manner of friends tend to garner much greater commitment from all involved in the process – even those who would have personally preferred that a different choice be made.”
~Quaker Beliefs


“Treating everyone, everywhere, as equally precious; recognizing that everyone has gifts to share, and respecting and valuing every person’s place in our lives.”


Mother Alfred: Her Franciscan influence: “The brothers/sisters loved one another from the heart and each one served and took care of the other as a mother serves and cares for her sons/daughters.”


Sister Generose: “I never thought of the staff working for me. I work for the staff, helping to make their jobs easier, more meaningful, helping them give better quality care. The staff, in turn, work for the good of the patient. We all work for the patient.”
~Modeling Our Values booklet


Charlie Mayo: “To do efficient work, one must have association with others who, taken altogether, represent the whole of which the specialty is only a part.”

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