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Workforce Learning: Program Offerings

Continuous learning is important for ongoing growth and success.  Mayo Clinic has a strong focus on people development and a career development philosophy that is employee-driven, manager-enabled and organization-supported.  Below are a few open enrollment learning programs. Visit HR Connect for additional learning resources and/or visit My Learning to register for learning programs aligned with your individual development plan.

Professional Development

Aspiring Leader: Build leadership skills that can be helpful in your current and potential future role. Supervisor approval is required. (8 1-hour sessions)

Can We Talk?: Discuss strategies to reframe conflict positively and manage emotions. Practice utilizing a framework for holding difficult conversations and increasing receptivity. (2 hours)

Emotional Intelligence I: Discover the importance of self-awareness and self-management and how both support Mayo Clinic's focus on teamwork and service. (2 hours classroom or 1.5 hours virtual)

Emotional Intelligence II: Deepen self-awareness and self-management skills and explore the domains of social awareness and relationship management. Emotional Intelligence I is a prerequisite for this course. (2.5 hours classroom or 1.5 hours virtual)

Time Management for Microsoft Outlook: Learn how to stop “living in the inbox” and start prioritizing tasks, messages, and appointments to achieve what’s most important for yourself and the organization. (2 hours)

Leadership Development

Authentic Leadership: Create awareness of authentic leadership, how to develop and how to use it to enhance leadership and team performance. (7 hours)

Employee Engagement Learning Lab: Leverage and maximize talent by Developing and practicing influencing skills to increase engagement at the individual, leader, and organizational levels. (4 hours)

Executive Presence:  Take communication and influencing skills to the next level by enhancing applying the Six Elements of leadership presence. (7 hours)

FMLA Learning Lab: Gain a better understanding of the policy and resources available through case studies so you can support your staff. (2 hours)

Inspiring Hearts and Minds:  For leaders to develop a “talent mindset” who understand how to leverage career development, high performance, and culture to most effectively engage their employees (7 hours)

Leadership Foundations: Newly hired and promoted frontline leaders explore the foundational elements of leadership and identify strategies for the ongoing leadership journey. (16 hours over 4 months)

Mutual Respect & Harassment: Understand expectations for creating a respectful and harassment free environment along with how to address sexual harassment situations if brought to your attention. (2 hours)

New Leader Information - Part I: New leaders gain an overview of key leadership resources and learning opportunities to support their leadership transition (1.5 hours)

New Leader Information (MCHS) - Part II: MCHS (NWWI, SWWI, SEMN, and SWMN) new leaders learn more about the unique aspects of their local culture, along with supporting leadership resources. Part 1 is a pre-requisite. (1.5 hours)

Principles for Effectively Managing Performance: Acquire conversation tools and practice for ongoing communication with staff on performance feedback, recognition, development, goal setting, and accountability. (4 hours)

The Power of Coaching: Learn how to coach based upon the 5E Appreciative Coaching Model with emphasis on the coaching mindset, relationship, and skills. (6 hours)