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Best of Rochester - Young Family Spots

Posted by @BRechtzigel, Thu, May 4 11:55am

This is a call to Mayo employees in the Rochester and surrounding areas. If you know of great areas, restaurants, and activities that are family-friendly, please share! For those of you that are new to Rochester, tell us what you are looking for. Someone may know of a resource you’ll love!


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Posted by @transom, Wed, May 10 2:35pm

For Nature Lovers:

I was lucky enough to chaperone a field trip to Mystery Caves recently with my 5th grader. If you are into nature and ecology, this was a great experience. We loved the tour of the cave. Here is the website to the Mystery Caves in Forestville, which is just 40 miles from Rochester. There are many other outdoor activities in this area to take in while you are there.

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Posted by @sunnih, Wed, May 31 2:25pm

Another outdoor, family friendly area is Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, about an hour NW of Rochester. The park includes a picnic area and a hike to a waterfall. My 6-year-old and 12-year-old like walking in the water, tossing rocks in the water, etc. Dog-friendly too 🙂


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Posted by @cathyfraser, Sat, Jul 15 5:11pm

For dancers in Rochester…. My 13 year old daughter is taking classes at Allegro (by the Costco). They seem like really caring and service focused people. So far, the classes (ballet and contemporary) are challenging (in a good way – they are teaching, not just telling). Janet Lang was the other options, but they closed their Rochester location.


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Posted by @cathyfraser, Sat, Jul 15 5:15pm

Summer of Service is excellent as well – two weeks of community service organized by the Rochester’s rec department (I think). There are 4 sessions during the summer. My daughter will get 60 hours of community service credit, and she has a place to hang during the day when I’m at work. So far she’s weeded gardens, made a meal, packed food, helped with a move, and did something with puppies/cats (not sure on that one).


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Posted by @solucky, Thu, Aug 31 4:56pm

And don’t forget Quarry Hill Nature Center right here in Rochester. You can even go fishing!

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Posted by @mrk5161, Fri, Sep 15 11:47am

Oxbow Park in Byron is a great family place. Huge picnic area, zoo, hiking trails, fishing, camping and almost all of it is free.
There is also Chester Woods camping area. Again, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, biking, camping and there is even an orienteering by GPS set up there. But this is a State Park, so you will need to purchase the state park sticker.
Whitewater State Park is just outside of St. Charles. A lot of varied activities there as well. Again a State Park so stickers are required.

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