Employee Experience

Posted by Treasure Ransom @transom, Dec 20, 2017

How would you define "employee experience"?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


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In brief, I'd say employee experience is working in a place that makes you WANT to give your best and you feel excited to do the work you do every day. This feeling and environment comes from an employer who cares about your wants and needs to fulfill your job responsibilities.


Employee Experience, to me, is what our employees 'feel' when they interact with us in person, on the phone, or in the digital world. It isn't about what they get from us or the service we provide. It is about how they feel about it.


I completely agree with Kate. In the IT service and support industry, one of the big things now is Customer Experience (CX) and it's all about how we are making the customer "feel". It's more than just fixing the technical issue, but it's also making sure that the customer feels better after the interaction than before they contacted support. So, Employee Experience would be the same and, like Kate said, it's based on the interactions we have with each other as employees. Because, where I work, our customers are internal Mayo staff, we should be aware of both CX and EX.


The employee experience is working for a place that provides world class care and knowing that we are contributing to excellent patient outcomes through the support and service we provide. I've found that volunteering puts me closer to our patients and this is such a great opportunity to hear from them how our care has made such a positive impact. Orientation on day one sets the expectation that the needs of the patient come first and that sets the stage for a wonderful employee experience. We know why we are here... to serve our patients. Every day I am thankful to work for such a great employer.


Great article! Thanks for sharing, @thomasyung08

Science is a messy process that requires a permanent cycle of hypothesizing... It will be messy and fun to apply an iterative approach to the Employee Experience.

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