The "Why" Behind Your Work Challenge

Posted by Nicole Block @nicolerawlings, Jan 3, 2019


Research shows that meaningful work strengthens resilience and increases job satisfaction. The ‘Why’ Behind Your Work Challenge will help fuel your passion for the work you do!

From February 4-24, explore what gives your work meaning and purpose, and how your work plays an important role at Mayo Clinic. You will receive a short email with an activity for you to do for three weeks. At the end of the month, complete a survey regarding your experience. It’s that simple!

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I come to work everyday, because I enjoy being part of an organization that cares about its employees, and its patients. I am not a doctor, nor am I a nurse, but I know my contribution matters. Other reasons "Why" I come to work:
•The Fun. Work may be stressful at times, but I often find something to smile at in the office …
•Interesting Work and interesting people. These are what make my days go by quickly.
•The Accomplishments. I can check off items on my list everyday. .
•The View. I get to voice my opinions, and learn from others' opinions. I learn to be more tolerant and resilient. It's part of my growth/development process.
•It gives me an opportunity to leave home and experience/see different views
•It makes me appreciate my vacation/PTO a lot more 🙂

Shall I continue?

Thanks for creating this challenge!


I work because I have been given skills and abilities to plan, see details, and connect many processes together into one event. I help people organize thoughts and actions, problem solve, and find new solutions using many resources. I received a new position here at Mayo two months ago, where I plan educational courses for a variety of medical professionals so they continue to have licensure. My planning keeps knowledge up to date to provide the best care for our patients and providers!


Why Work? I enjoy being innovative at work to contribute to the patient's well being. Whether by indirect or direct care… we all make a difference!


I come to work to:

-Assist others
-Grow myself socially, emotionally, and mentally
-Give back to the community (everything I do affects a patient somehow)
-Meet new people

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