Florida Support, Resources, and Gratitude During COVID-19

This page was built in order to provide consolidated resources to you and as a way to organize resources and efforts of all who so enthusiastically want to say thank you, show appreciation, and lend support to Mayo Clinic and our tremendous employees.

The page will house the most up to date community offerings, emotional support resources, information on how to give back, and more.

Mayo Clinic in Florida is assessing what the community and staff need to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayo Clinic in Florida has seen an outpouring of support for staff across the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic from colleagues as well as individuals and organizations outside of Mayo Clinic.

To best understand the needs of staff at Mayo Clinic in Florida and to help address any gaps, the Well-Being Coalition has been in touch with representatives across the organization over the past several weeks to ask what staff need most.

The top three needs expressed during these conversations were:

  • Quick access to food during shifts.
  • Access to other essential goods on campus.
  • A one-stop, consolidated COVID-19 resource toolkit.

Mayo Clinic in Florida has taken steps to update service offerings in response to support staff during this challenging time.

"Through the collaboration of many, these efforts were started as way to coordinate the amazing outpouring of support for our employees from both within and outside of Mayo Clinic," says Adam Perlman, M.D. medical director of the Well-Being Coalition in Florida. "Thank you for your dedication and support for our patients and one another."

Quick access to food during shifts

If you've been working on-site lately, you may have already seen the new essential food items available at the Mayo Café's pop-up market in the Mayo Building set up by the Food Services team. Items include ready-made meals for home and full-sized grocery staples such as milk, eggs, bread and other produce.

Access to essential goods on campus

To address the need for other essential goods, beginning Monday, April 27, a dry goods items kiosk located in Mayo 1-902N will offer items such as snacks, toilet paper, soap and sanitizing wipes. Kiosk items will be available to all staff working on-site. If you are on campus for work, you can submit an order, and you will receive an email confirming the pick-up date and time.

Mayo staff have already benefited from the generosity of many businesses and individuals in the community through donations of items such as sandwiches, smoothies, cookies and more, with over 5,000 items donated to date. Moving forward, the Well-Being Coalition will be coordinating these donations for maximum benefit.

How you can help

Direct all donation offers to FLAppreciateYou@mayo.edu and the team will work to coordinate all of the logistics.

To support the new kiosk, staff's personal donations in the form of dry goods items and gift cards are also being accepted to support the new kiosk. To donate,you can complete this form and email it to FLAppreciateYou@mayo.edu.

COVID-19 resource toolkit

The Mayo Clinic in Florida Well-Being Coalition also has launched a Mayo Clinic in Florida Appreciate You page to serve as a consolidated resource about ways to give back, community offerings and physical and mental health resources.

The coalition continues to seek ways to support staff. You can email questions and suggestions for the Well-Being Coalition to FLAppreciateYou@mayo.edu.