Florida Support, Resources, and Gratitude During COVID-19

This page was built in order to provide consolidated resources to you and as a way to organize resources and efforts of all who so enthusiastically want to say thank you, show appreciation, and lend support to Mayo Clinic and our tremendous employees.

The page will house the most up to date community offerings, emotional support resources, information on how to give back, and more.

Here are a few ways you can give back:

Share a Message of Appreciation

The Florida Well-Being Coalition is continuing their mission to support staff and create a sense of community during the challenging COVID-19 Pandemic. The Coalition, in partnership with Media Support Services, will collect uplifting videos where staff and community members share their messages of gratitude for the hard work and dedication of Mayo Clinic workers. Please participate by recording and sending in your personalized video of encouragement and appreciation.

Best Practices for Recording

  • Keep your message short: 15—30 seconds

  • Hold your phone in landscape format while you record (horizontally)

  • You can thank a specific group or type of work being done or keep it general

  • Feel free to add your personality

Once you have your video all ready to be submitted, email it to: FLAppreciateYou@Mayo.edu


Gift Card Donation

If looking to donate gift cards instead, we can utilize any of the below options to purchase essential goods for staff.

Accepted Gift Cards are:

· Target

· Publix

· Costco

· Winn-Dixie

· Visa Gift Card

If you have purchased a gift card, please forward either the email confirmation of the gift card purchase or a note to coordinate drop off a physical gift card to the following email: FLAppreciateYou@mayo.edu


Community Engagement

Check out the COVID-19 Community Giving intranet page for more information. [note: must have intranet access]