The Rochester Mayo Clinic EAP offers no cost, confidential counseling to Rochester based employees, qualified dependents, and Mayo health science students.  Counselors provide short-term counsel for a variety of life issues.  The EAP also provides referrals to community resources and serves as a resource to leadership.  Our Supervisor Toolkit provides information on leadership services.  We invite you to explore our page and contact us with any additional questions you may have.


Q: Is using the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) confidential?

A: The EAP views confidentiality as the cornerstone and foundation of our successful program. Our collective professional ethics mandate strict adherence to the maintenance of confidentiality, and the high level of use by our employees is proof that we consistently meet this goal. Our records are maintained separately from Mayo Clinic Histories, Health Service records, and Personnel files, and are accessible only by the EAP Coordinators.
There are a few exceptions to confidentiality that are created by laws and our professional roles. For example, we may need to breach confidentiality in the following circumstances:
• Danger to self and others
• Report of abuse and neglect of children or vulnerable adults
• Evidence of behavior that can reasonably be assumed to present a safety or health risk to the workplace.
These instances are incredibly rare and generally information is shared with the consent of our clients.

Q: Will I or my insurance be billed if I use the EAP?

A: No, the EAP is a no cost service. If you are referred to outside services those services will be your responsibility.

Q: Why do people use the EAP?

A: People may seek out counseling from the EAP for a variety of reasons including relationship issues, family concerns, emotional health, addiction problems, work issues, couple counseling, and any other number of reasons that may be causing someone emotional distress.

Q: Can someone be required to meet with the EAP?

A: No, meeting with a counselor in the EAP is voluntary. If you are referred or encouraged to attend, the EAP hopes you will follow up but it cannot be required.

Q: Will my supervisor know I met with an EAP counselor?

A: No, the EAP is completely confidential and your information cannot be shared with anyone without a signed release.

Q: Can supervisors use EAP?

A: Absolutely! Supervisors can utilize EAP for their personal needs as well as seek out services specifically for leadership (please see our supervisor toolkit).

Q: Where are the EAP offices located?

A: There are two counselors located in the Baldwin building on 5A and three counselors located within the Occupational Health space at St. Mary’s Domitilla Main 101.