Welcome to your career at Mayo Clinic, an organization annually ranked as one of Forbes magazine’s “America’s Best Employers”. If you or a family member just received an offer and is preparing for the first day, or is looking for resources during the first year with the organization, this page has a wide array of resources to help in the journey.

Engage with fellow new employees or ask a question by visiting our New Employee Connections group.

In your first three months you will begin to see what the new job is all about. Depending on your coworkers for information, direction, and decision making is typical. Remember, a shared understanding of job goals and expectations is critical. If you don't know something, just ask! Don’t expect to proceed too rapidly through the stages. It often takes a full year to become independently productive in a new job.

Some questions that are common for new employees are answered in the Mayo Clinic Welcome Guide which you’ll receive at Mayo Clinic Orientation.

Tip: You must access these resources from a Mayo Clinic computer or with a VPN connection.

Building relationships

As a new employee, support from your colleagues is imperative to your success. Once you have access to Mayo Clinic’s Intranet, check out some of the ways you can connect with coworkers and learn more about Mayo at the same time:

Tip: You must access these resources from a Mayo Clinic computer or with a VPN connection.
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Required online training

Remember to complete your online modules within 30 days of your start date. All required modules for new employees can be found by navigating to HR Connect on the Mayo intranet. From there, click My Learning at the bottom of the page.

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Mayo Clinic's values

The needs of the patient come first.

At orientation, you learned that Mayo Clinic is a values-driven organization. As you start your employment, watch for the ways that Mayo Clinic's values shape how the work in your area is done. A good way to remember the eight supporting core values is RICH TIES, which stands for Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Healing, Teamwork, Innovation, Excellence and Stewardship.

Visit the Mayo Clinic Values Council intranet site to learn more about this important part of how we work at Mayo Clinic.

Tip: You must access these resources from a Mayo Clinic computer or with a VPN connection.
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Benefits information

Benefit eligible employees will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Benefits Orientation Online course through My Learning. This highly engaging and interactive course combines a variety of learning methods to make the benefits information easy to understand. Plan to spend 60-90 minutes reviewing the course within your first week of employment.

When you’re ready to enroll, go to Employee Self-Service through HR Connect on the Mayo intranet. Rehires, transfers, and anyone wanting a Flexible Spending Account must call HR Connect to enroll. Be sure to enroll in your benefits within 31 days of your start date in your new position.

Looking for more benefits information? Visit the New Employee tab via Benefits Connect page on #WeAreMayoClinic or search for any benefits topic on HR Connect.

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Questions for Human Resources

The only thing better than getting answers is getting them faster and more consistently. The HR Connect page provides several ways for you to find answers to your Human Resource (HR) questions anytime you are connected to the Mayo intranet.

Searching HR Topics, navigating via quick links (Self-Service and HR Systems),  or selecting a link on the Most Popular HR Topics can quickly get you to HR information.

Tip: You must access these resources from a Mayo Clinic computer or with a VPN connection.
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Take care of yourself

Mayo Clinic cares about you and wants you to be mindful of how you are feeling as you begin your employment journey. Many resources at Mayo will help you keep your well-being top of mind:

  • Find out if you have a Well-Being Champion in your work unit. These employees play a vital role in promoting employee well-being and improving staff satisfaction. If you don’t have a Champion in your work unit, learn how you could become one by visiting our Well-Being website.
  • Employee Well-Being aspires to equip and empower individuals and teams to support personal and professional well-being, allowing employees to be their best selves to fulfill Mayo’s mission. Learn how you can build a bright future for yourself, your work unit, and all of Mayo Clinic by signing up for the Well-Being@Work Newsletter
  • Watch the Mayo Clinic News Center for articles about well-being and enterprise challenges.
Tip: You must access these resources from a Mayo Clinic computer or with a VPN connection.
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Events calendar

Check out the Events Calendar for upcoming events and lectures at your campus.

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Philanthropy is Mayo Clinic’s heritage

William J. Mayo, M.D., and Charles H. Mayo, M.D., established a legacy of philanthropy when they bequeathed their medical practice and most of their personal assets to found Mayo Clinic. You help keep the founders’ legacy alive by providing premier patient care that inspires others to become benefactors. The Because of You program is another opportunity to carry on the Mayo brothers’ legacy.

Become a benefactor today: https://philanthropy.mayoclinic.org/employee

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Commonly asked questions

Here is a list of questions new employees frequently have. Answer these questions for yourself or find someone in your work unit who can help you answer them.

  • What is really expected of me?
  • What do I need to know to become productive?
  • What am I going to do for lunch?
  • What are the “unwritten rules”?
  • How available is my boss or supervisor when I need help?
  • What are my resources?
  • What do I have to do first? Who will tell me the priorities?
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