Welcome to your career at Mayo Clinic, an organization annually ranked as one of Forbes magazine’s “America’s Best Employers”. If you or a family member just received an offer and is preparing for the first day, or is looking for resources during the first year with the organization, this page has a wide array of resources to help in the journey. Engage with fellow new employees or ask a question by visiting our New Employee Connections group.

By about 10 months of employment at Mayo Clinic, you’ve learned and participated in all your work cycles and have been trained to be a productive member of the team. Your job tasks are well-defined and you have a very high commitment to work activity.

You have gone from the new kid on the block to a productive and successful member of the team -- but there's always more to learn and do at Mayo:


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Quality Academy


At Mayo Clinic we focus significant time and resources on quality improvement. Teams or individuals can learn ways to work together more effectively and efficiently, reduce waste or improve outcomes. The Quality Academy was established in 2006 to develop and deliver a broad-based quality management curriculum for Mayo Clinic staff. For more information visit the Quality Academy.


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You inspire philanthropy

As an employee, you know the power of hope, health and healing. Philanthropy at Mayo Clinic is dependent on the work you do: Grateful patients account for about 85 percent of the philanthropic gifts. Thank you for the work you do.

Whatever your role at Mayo Clinic, you contribute to hope and healing for patients and their families. Together, we will make a difference.

Become a benefactor today: https://philanthropy.mayoclinic.org/employee


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Culture of SafetyCTS

As part of Mayo Clinic’s Culture of Safety, five safe behaviors have been determined to be essential to safe patient care and continued quality. Adopt these behaviors and embed them into your daily work.


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Stressed? Contact the Employee Assistance Program

It's okay to admit you're feeling a bit stressed at this point in your new career at Mayo. You are not alone. You are still trying to learn your role as well as your way around campus, you are working with a variety of people who might have different work styles or think differently than you do, and as a result, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Another way to relieve your stress is to talk to one of the professional counselors at the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program offers no-cost counseling services for employees to help them manage life issues and concerns. Counselors are located throughout the Rochester campus and provide professional counseling services for a variety of issues.

All EAP services are confidential and strive to help employees establish a better sense of work-life balance. In addition, there are ongoing groups, educational presentations, and management consultation services available. To learn more about what EAP has to offer, visit the EAP site on the intranet.

Well-Being Index: The Well-Being Index is a validated screening tool to evaluate fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety/stress, and mental/physical quality of life.

Tip: You must access this resource from a Mayo Clinic computer or with a VPN connection.
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